When veteran musicians join forces, the result can be powerful. This happened when guitarist/vocalist Jimmy Razor and bassist/vocalist John Colarossi renewed their love of punk and formed The Molars. Enlisting lead guitarist Mike Folker and drummer Tim Whitmire, a new band began to gel with a raw and greasy sound that combines the best elements of Rockabilly, Garage, Glam, and most importantly, Punk Rock.

The Molars understand the stylistic lineage between 1950’s Rockabilly and late 1970’s Punk.  They draw liberally from both styles and much in between.  A typical show will feature vintage classics from the likes of Eddie Cochran or Little Richard, given a dirtier and faster treatment.  Also heard are chestnuts from the post-1977 era from the likes of The Ramones or The Clash.  To the Molars, Punk and Rockabilly are nothing more than good old-fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The Molars are all musicians with a pedigree.  Before becoming a front man, Jimmy Razor (aka Hutter) played bass for Cowtown stalwarts The Epicureans and The Moops.  John Colarossi logged time in a similar Punkabilly band, The Odors.  Mike Folker has been a radio personality, a bar owner, and guitarist with Folker & Dean and The Electro Cult Circus. Tim Whitmire has logged time with numerous Rock, Jazz, and R & B performers, including Columbus legend, Willie Phoenix.

Do not think that The Molars are simply a covers band.  Both John Colarossi and Jimmy Razor are songwriters, adding their original tunes to the mix.  This bonus has given The Molars a shared goal; to make an album of all new songs.

One thing stands true:  The Molars take great pride in being a Greasy Rock ‘n’ Roll Band.