Love Me, I'm Popular

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The Molars
James E. Hutter, Copyright (C) 2004 Firebreathing Music, ASCAP


Bought a movie gossip mag

At my corner store

Staring from the cover

A face we all adore

The latest starlet product

We all should know her name

But I can’t remember

Somehow, they look the same


Her golden skin was flawless

Her hair was styled so fine

Her figure was just perfect

Her smile was so benign

But her eyes were pleading

In a desperate way

Almost as if needing

Almost as if to say...



Love me 'cause I'm popular

Everybody does

I'm the icon goddess

A paparazzi buzz

Love me 'cause I'm popular

All the millions do

How come you won't love me?

What is wrong with you?


I saw her last three movies

I guess they were all right

Cheery and romantic

Entertainment lite

Sleepwalked oh so dreamy

From role to role to role

Sweet and so vanilla

Charming without soul





She doesn't need to worry

She’s paved her golden way

She’s won the hearts of many

Still, her glance will say…




Copyright (C) 2004 Firebreathing Music