The Molars have finally made it to Radioland this week, as their songs are scheduled for play on two Columbus stations, 99.7 The Blitz and CD 102.5.

The first play will be on the new 99.7 The Blitz "Local Stuff on Demand."  The program airs Sunday, October 15 at 10:00 PM EDT.  Central Ohio listeners can catch it live on 99.7 FM.  In other regions, The Blitz streams at  It will also be available for downloaded podcast.

Many thanks to Misha Rickard and Courtney Stone from The Blitz for this fine opportunity.  More music is on the way.

The second play will be on CD 102.5's "Front Stage 102.5" on Friday, October 20 1t 9:00 PM EDT.  It is highly likely that host Tom Butler will spin original songs by John Colarossi and Jimmy Razor.  Central Ohio listeners can tune in at 102.5 FM. Unfortunately, WWCD 102.5 FM is not available through streaming.

We invite you to tune in either night and sample some Molarized "punkabilly."  We think you will enjoy.

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