Record Store Day Editions of "Cavity Search" Now Available

With all of the musical event cancellations due to the COVID 19 pandemic, The Molars temporarily postponed the release of the Record Store Day edition of "Cavity Search."  It has now seen the light of day.
You can now purchase our own RSD version of our debut EP.  It comes in colored vinyl (red or green) along with an inner sleeve and full-color cover.
If you are interested, you can place an order via PayPal.  Just send $10.00 USD to and we will mail you a copy. Please indicate preferred color.

Laying Low During Coronavirus

The Molars were very disappointed to cancel our March 24 show at Rumba Cafe with our friends Jesse Blankenship and Betty Bangs. The Rumba Cafe was merely being compliant with orders from Governor Mike DeWine to protect the general public from the outbreak of Coronavirus. The safety of our friends, fans, and bandmates always comes first.

In the meantime, The Molars have been lying low with family members, taking a brief hiatus from practice. We really miss these get togethers and cannot wait to convene when conditions are more safe. John and Jimmy have been writing new songs and hope to debut them soon. We also thank everyone who has purchased a copy of "Cavity Search" and to the various radio and internet outlets who have played our songs (we are talking about you, Fran Fried, Jon Peterson, Maggie Brennan, and Mike Murray).

We cannot wait to resume playing, and hope you enjoy the new songs written by John and Jimmy.  See you healthy and see you then!

Temporary Molar: Bart Jenkins 


When The Beatles embarked upon a world tour in June of 1964, Ringo took ill with a 102 degree fever and a severe throat infection. Unable to cancel the tour at the last minute, Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison enlisted Jimmy Nicol to play drums until Starr had recovered.

On the eve of The Molars' "Cavity Search" release show at the India-Oak Grill, John took ill and was under doctors' orders to stay home.  With John's blessing, the show went on.  We invited Bart Jenkins to cover the bass duties. Bart…

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"Cavity Search" Record Release Show January 4, 2020 





 About 25 years ago, it was quite novel for a local band to host a CD release show.  At the time, CD production was a very expensive process that required a major commitment. Now, with compact disc technology being considerably more accessible, local CD release shows are now commonplace.  Veteran Punkabilly band, The Molars, take a technological step backwards with a RECORD RELEASE SHOW, to be…

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Groovy Soup Archived Online 

Jimmy Razor and Shane Olson were interviewed by Paul Holden of WXTQ 105.5 FM of Athens, Ohio, for the weekly Ohio music program, "Groovy Soup."  The interview aired on November 18, 2019. Shane and Jimmy talked about the founding of The Molars and the release of "Cavity Search." Two songs, "Hey, Hey, Everybody" and "B.R.C.M."aired.

For those not able to listen that evening, the interview has been archived on WXTQ's web page. Please follow this link and scroll to "Episode 60" to listen.

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Molars on "Groovy Soup," Athens, Ohio 


On Monday, November 18, 2019, The Molars will be guests of host Paul Holden on "Groovy Soup," a radio program broadcast on WTXQ 105.5 FM in Athens, Ohio. Paul talks with Jimmy and Shane about the creation of The Molars and "Cavity Search."  Two songs from the debut EP will be featured.  Tune in to find out which ones. "Groovy Soup" airs at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Google your local time zone for your broadcast time. WTXQ FM streams worldwide at …Read more

Vinyl Is Here 

After several months of anticipation, your wait is over.  The 7-inch, 33 1/3 R.P.M. versions of "Cavity Search" are finally in.  They can be purchased at our shows for $7.00 or by checking out the "Merchandise" section of

Please buy a copy (or two) and enjoy!

Cavity Search Bonus 

By now, you are likely aware that The Molars' recorded debut, "Cavity Search," will soon be available as a 7" EP.  It will also be available as a CD or download. Both of the latter come with a surprise bonus.  Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming "Cavity Search."

Welcoming Shane Olson 

The Molars officially welcome drummer Shane Olson into the band.  He made a smashing debut at Bossy Grrl's Pinup Joint on March 23, 2019 for a celebration of the bar's sixth anniversary.  Shane adds his personal touch to the band with his solid beat.  He has already helped us reimagine our take on Carl Perkins' "Matchbox" into more of a Motorhead mold.

Shane hails from San Luis Obispo, California, and has lived in Ohio for nearly 20 years.  Salute!

Sweetwater Music 100 Song Stream, December 1 at 11:00 AM 

This Saturday, December 1, 2018, The Molars will be part of a special streaming concert, being webcast from three studios at Capital University in Bexley, Ohio.  A total of 25 local bands are slated to play 4 songs apiece for a total of 100 tunes.

Fans can catch this performance at the following sites: Instagram: 

Twitter: The Molars will play at 11:00 AM EST.  Please log on and check us out.