If you were one of the 30-40 chosen few tonight, you would have experienced one of the most entertaining shows of the year at Bossy Grrl's Pin Up. The Molars capped off a celebration of 6 years of fun with their hard driving punk, featuring songs from the Kinks and the Ramones. If you were looking for perfection you were in the wrong place but if you wanted fun, your smile is still plastered on your face. The staff was amazing and you should probably check this place out. Thanks!” - Rick Segulin

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Cavity Search

The Molars

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The Molars are "Punkabilly:" a greasy mix of 1950's Rockabilly and 1970's Punk, Glam, and Pub-Rock.

Rick Gethin of “Music in Motion Columbus” and the “Cat Club Podcast” gave The Molars’ debut EP, “Cavity Search,” a listen and jotted down his first impressions.

  1. “Hey, Hey, Everybody:” Whether kicking off an album or getting the party started for a live show, this song sets the tone. Strap in and hold on tight…

  2. “Stockholm Surfer:” This is pure and simple what a classic surf guitar is supposed to sound like. It evokes the total immersive feel of being on a beach in SoCal in the early 1960’s.

  3. “Rabble Rouser:” If Jan & Dean and Ramones had a love child, this upbeat surf punk groove would surely be the result. The band melds 1960’s surf with 1970’s punk seamlessly.

  4. “B.R.C.M.:” While staying true to the traditional version of this gem, The Molars manage to give it an updated, rockabilly groove that just works well.

  5. “Love Me, I’m Popular:” The chugging shuffle of this slow burner incorporates a western (country) feel, while the vocals have a slightly sinister edge to them that increases the tension within the song in an eerily wonderful way.

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